Reports let you easily track and analyze your product sales, orders, and payments.

We understand that not every customer wants their information accessible on the web.For those customers we provide desktop applications solutions. Our desktop applications can interact with databases or run as stand-alone programs. Additionally, our desktop applications are able to:

  • Generate PDF reports.
  • Generate Word Documents.
  • Generate Excel Documents.
  • Upload images or documents to a server.
  • Incorporate custom images into your reports.

Our software engineers have gained profound experience and proven background in C++ , Microsoft Visual C++ / C++ .NET / C# .NET, and other Windows tools and technologies gained through successful implementation and delivery of custom software solutions in diverse vertical industries.
We provide a team of professional technical consultants who can assist you in selecting the right custom software solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial requirements. All our consulting engagements start with defining and understanding your business issues. Not only do our consultants grasp your specific needs, but also strive to apprehend exactly what you seek. With such attention to detail, our team of business and technical consultants undertakes a profound requirements analysis, needs assessments and strategic planning, resulting in elaboration of a Statement of Work document covering all issues required for your custom software design and development.